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A fresh coat of paint is a great way to add a little lift to your home.


It can add value for a sale and warmth to the neighborhood. We use high-quality, lasting products so the color stays bright and true for at least 10 years. White Dog Painting offers full service painting, including scraping, pressure washing, caulking, priming, and double coating the home. We offer free estimates as well as color consultation.


One thing that sets our company apart is the complete prime coat we put on every inch of the home. This step makes the paint job last much longer than traditional spot-priming. We use 50-year sealant to detail every corner, crack, and seam. For our finish coat, we use a thick coat of 25-year paint.

"This was the single best home renovation we have ever experienced."

--Jamie, Brookside, Kansas City, MO

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